Why Dyslexia Therapists Choose SIS

Why Dyslexia Therapists Choose SIS

As dedicated therapists committed to empowering students with dyslexia, we understand the profound impact that effective literacy instruction can have on their lives. Sounds In Syllables (SIS) has proven to be a beacon of hope in our mission to provide durable remediation for even the most severe learning disabilities. 


Integration of Proven Teaching Methods: At the heart of SIS lies the integration of proven teaching methods from renowned educators and researchers, including Patricia and Charles Lindamood, Beth Slingerland, and Aylett Royal Cox. For therapists, this means a comprehensive toolkit that draws from various fields, ensuring effective language instruction tailored to the diverse needs of our students. 


Tightly Integrated and Structured Procedures: As therapists, we know the value of structure in our instructional programs. SIS's tightly integrated procedures reshape the way dyslexic students process language sounds and symbols. With a strong emphasis on visual images, auditory responses, and motor skills, including left-to-right visual tracking and sound blending, SIS equips therapists with a structured approach that leads to accurate and automatic reading.


Small Steps Linked by Motor-Learning Principles: Our daily work involves breaking down challenges into manageable steps for our students. SIS's unique approach presents material in small, incremental steps closely linked by motor-learning principles. This structured method ensures mastery and retention, allowing therapists to witness tangible progress in the literacy journey of their students.

Emphasis on Spelling Instruction: In our therapy sessions, spelling is a crucial aspect of language development. SIS places significant emphasis on spelling instruction, explicitly teaching phoneme-grapheme correspondences to mastery before progressing. This approach builds confidence and accuracy, key elements in fostering successful language processing during our sessions.









Intensity and Explicitness of Instruction: As therapists, we understand the importance of intensity and explicitness in our instruction. SIS adheres to the principles of neuroplasticity and learning theory, delivering therapeutic procedures that are highly controlled and structured. This approach builds reliable, accurate, and automatic behaviors, enhancing the impact of our sessions on long-term skill retention.

Individualized and Flexible Approach: Our daily interactions with diverse learners highlight the need for an individualized and flexible approach. SIS recognizes this by allowing therapists to adjust the pace and sequence of instruction based on a student's progress and strengths. This adaptability ensures that therapists can provide personalized support to address specific learning challenges effectively.

For therapists dedicated to transforming the lives of students with dyslexia, Sounds In Syllables (SIS) is a powerful tool that goes beyond traditional methods. By integrating proven teaching methods, employing structured procedures, emphasizing spelling instruction, and offering an individualized and flexible approach, SIS equips therapists with a comprehensive toolkit for effective and durable remediation. The small steps linked by motor-learning principles, coupled with the intensity and explicitness of instruction, make SIS an invaluable asset in our mission to unlock the full potential of our students in their literacy journey.

Learn more about SIS at SoundsInSyllables.com and how to train as an SIS therapist at ASDEC.org.

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